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Test Your EQ

Use Your Emotions To Your Advantage

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Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

Test Your EQ to stay Happy, Healthy & Successful

Are you Emotionally Intelligent? Have you ever known your EQ level. The psychological tests developed by Prof NK CHADHA and Dr DALIP Singh IAS (R) will help you know more about yourself and the people around you. The tests measure the way you use your emotional skills in your personal and professional life.

There are two Emotional Quotient (EQ) tests available on this website; one is for the ‘adult population’ and the other is for the ‘adolescent population’.

Take hold of your life and know more about your inner-self, identity your emotional dark spots and learn emotional competencies to always be happy and healthy.

This test is priced as under:

For Professionals:
Rs: 1499
USD: 20

For Adolescents:
Rs- 499
USD- 7

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Dr. Dalip Singh

Dr Dalip Singh IAS (R),
EQ Expert and Civil Servant

Prof. NK Chadha

Prof NK Chadha,
Psychometrician and Consultant Psychologist

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EI or EQ means your emotional make up. How well are you able to handle yourself and people around you. Like love, happiness, fear, hate, shame, disgust, sadness, anger are some of the emotions which directly affect your life. To be successful in your professional life or personal life you need to learn to use your emotions to your advantage.

IQ is the level of your academic intelligence: such exams passed, marks obtained, your degrees, intellectual credentials. Qualifying for IAS, IPS, doctor, engineering, computer science or in some top exam to get a job. All these are intelligence of academic variety. EQ is how smart are you outside the classroom or when you are faced with difficult situations in life. Here you do not need IQ but need different kind of intelligence, which psychologists call EI or EQ now. Psychologists have concluded after researching that IQ accounts for only 20 % in a person’s success in life. The rest 80 % success is attributed to EQ.

May or may not be. If you are honest in giving answer to the situations, then accuracy can be achieved up to 99-confidence level. 

Authors have followed three psychometric methods to retain the relevant situation on an adult population of 10,000. The methods used are :

  1. Item discrimination
  2. Item reliability
  3. Item validity

The present test is highly reliable as well as valid. This test has internal consistency and temporal stability for the adult population.

The Internet is full of FAKE EQ tests by FAKE psychologists, counselors, motivational speakers, coaches etc. The genuine EQ test will always mention its reliability and validity and the population on which it has been tested. Hence do not shy away from verifying the authenticity of psychologists you visit as you do in case of a medical doctor.

Certainly, you can develop your EQ by putting sincere efforts and/or you undergo program of developing emotional intelligence.

Twice. Firstly, to know your level of EQ and second after adopting techniques to improve it, say after 100 days. This will give you the information above the improvement in your EQ level.

There is an example of two officers namely SAM and JOSE: Both had joined the same service, had identical training, both had good ranking in school and colleges, universities, both qualified the exam in the same batch. However, the moment they joined service all similarity disappeared.

SAM: Arrogant, he would put people off, remained busy with his computer, was not social, was not a team leader and believed in technical details everywhere. He got transferred every 6 months and would blame the system, his performance appraisal was poor. (Low EI)

JOSE: On the other hand, Jose was adept interpersonally, everyone liked him, he was empathetic to subordinates, was a helping hand, enthusiastic and would take additional responsibilities, a team leader, his superiors rated him high. (High EI)

A psychologist is a person who is professionally trained in one or more branches of psychology. Psychologists have advanced degrees like graduation, post graduation, PhD or other required qualifications. Psychologists use psychotherapy (talk therapy) to help people with psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, stress etc. They are also trained to do mental health assessment, research and other organisational consultations.
Some psychologists are employed in colleges and universities, hospitals and clinics, developmental sector , sports , wellness, gerontology, career decision making , judiciary and soft skill development . These days a large number of them are in self-practice offering counselling and guidance.

In most of the countries across the globe , psychologists are not suppose to prescribe drugs which a job done by psychiatrists.

The EQ tests are on payment basis and reasonably priced. There are two EQ tests. The EQ test for Professionals has been priced at Rs 1499 (USD 20) and the EQ test for adolescents/children has been priced at Rs 499 (USD 7)


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