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Are you emotionally intelligent? What is your EQ level.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AT WORK: A professional Guide Dr Dalip Singh’s book titled ‘Emotional Intelligence at Work”, published by SAGE Publications is the best seller in recent times and 30000 copies have been sold. The book is acclaimed as prime mover of the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI). The book has seen FOUR editions and has been translated into Chinese, Hindi, Tamil and Marathi.

 The books evince specialty and skills in Emotional Intelligence guiding and developing emotions, moods, feelings and minds of individuals and groups worldwide.

 The books also contain THE EQ TEST, architect by Prof NK Chadha and Dr Dalip Singh of University of Delhi. This EQ test developed in 2001 is available on website www.eqindia.com and has been attempted by more than 200,000 individuals online and has helped communities flourish successful and healthy lifestyles. The test is widely used by corporates, managers, academicians, scholars, researchers and students worldwide

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